Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Blogger

I decided to start my own blogspot. Mostly I wanted to make my sister in CA happy. She always wants to see what new projects I'm up to and she is on the ither side of the USA. Hope you all enjoy the blogspot!

Amanda Jean at "Crazy Mom Quilts" inspired me to start this blogspot. Thanks!


  1. You shouldn't blame me that you have a blogspot! You should be proud!! All of your quilts are soooo beautiful. Everyone should see your wonderful projects. The only thing I wish you had up here is Katie's quilt. You should take a picture the next time you go to see her. Thanks for making a blog spot for me anyway! :-)

  2. Jen, you know I think your quilts are beautiful. I think you should post pics of all the babes quilts. They have more quilts than any two people I know!
    You're a great quilter, a great teacher and a GREAT Mom... but then, you had a great teacher!!!


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