Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome back to school!

This is my friend. She wears glasses and I found these baby doll glasses at Hobby Lobby.

My friend Tolli and I teach in the same building. She had to move rooms this year and she is know blessed with two more windows. This is good, but she has several sets of holiday curtains made by her mother long ago and she doens't have enough for her 2 new windows.
Sew . . . she was throwing out curtains and I was grabbing them from her trash can! I thought that we needed to make her something that used the old curtains. So I made us a wallhanging that will stay on the door all year. Each month we can add little banners to the lady. I plan on using some of her old curtains to make the little banners.
Here are some pictures of the finished products.
This one is on my friend's door.

Here is the welcome banner for the beginning of school.

Here is a shot of the feet. I added a silk flower to make it pop!

This one is on my door!

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  1. Jennifer I LOVE this and want one for my door. I need to get with you about designing a Mrs. V.



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