Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas Presents

I am making some quilts as Christmas presents. I will not disclose who they are for b/c one of you might read this blog! I'll just put on pictures of what I have so far.

This quilt was a happy accident. I was shimming up my squares and I cut about 4 of them and realized that they were crooked. I had to keep cutting that way b/c I was out of fabric.

My little cousin is crazy about horses! Sew . . . this panel seemed perfect for her!

This is called "Trip Around the World". I plan on using it to practice my pantograph designs.
This is a disappearing 9-patch. You sew a 9-patch and then cut in half and in half again. I made two different blocks and when I sewed them together, it made this. I kind of like the effect.

This one was just some fabric that I had gotten on clearance. I only had a little bit. I wanted a quilt that had big squares so I could practice some custom quilting in. Again, from a distance, I like the effect.

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