Saturday, July 31, 2010

I should be working ...

Ok, I am supposed to be writing lesson plans ... getting ready for a new school year and new grade ... we have a team meeting on Monday so I need to get organized ... have 3 quilt ideas running through my head ...

Do you think I might have ADD?

I seriously need to buckle down and get to work! Listening to the new Eclipse soundtrack is helping. I've got to be honest peeps ... this is not my fav of all the soundtracks. I'm working extra hard to like it. I'm really trying.

Back to the grindstone ...


  1. Lesson plans - time does fly, huh? Good luck working with all those quilting thoughts in your head!

  2. I can identify with your ADD. I definitely have it and wonder how I ever made it through school!!!

  3. Love your blog! I can also relate. I taught grades Pre-K through 2nd grade (with a couple of years in 4th and 5th)for 20 years. When I stopped teaching, I started quilting in earnest.
    Congratulations on the Moda ad!


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