Friday, July 16, 2010

Rose Guild Nametags

I belong to 2 guilds. One guild is called "The Lancaster Rose Quilters". They are a traditional guild where one must be an accomplished quilter to join. There is also a long waiting list. I am happy and lucky to have gotten in.

Each year the guild ladies work together to make a raffle quilt. Last week, people volunteered to sit at a local bank during an art walking tour to sell raffle tickets. There was some talk about name tags. A few of the ladies said that they would just write their names in slips of paper. That just wouldn't do! I stamped up some nametags this evening (while rewatching Burn Notice). Nothing fancy, but hopefully the ladies will like them.

One of the ladies showed me a pin that they had hand appliqued a long time ago. She said that not everyone has one and they took a long time to make. I have a quick and easy applique method. I think I might give it a shot and revamp the nametags! I'm working on a tutorial for you! To come in the near future ...

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  1. Hey lady you are amazing those name tag look really good. Where do you fined the time. And did you see my blog I got pics thanks to you it was easy for an old timer like myself to do. I'm much better at quilting than blogging.
    Thanks agian for you help. Liz


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