Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr. Blosser is in trouble ...

Well, I am happy that I have a nice husband. He usually loads the dishwasher in the morning while the kids eat breakfast. And on Sunday, as per his rituals for the past 10 years, he does the laundry.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, he got backed up on his laundry. This is not why he's in trouble.

I finished a lovely quilt over the holiday and put it on our bed. The Ohio State quilt that I made for him came off the bed and our new one went on. {As a sidenote, I am a quiltmaker by nature so I gift most of my quilts. It is a rare thing to make one for our bed.}

Mr. Blosser washed the Ohio State quilt, as he done before. Oh but ... he ... forgot ... about ... it ... in ... the ... washer! The red fabric bled through the rest of the quilt!

He came to me with his head hung low, "I ruined the quilt." "You what?" says I. Oh dear, a sad night in the Blosser house!


  1. Uh oh! So sorry about that mishap.

  2. oh no!

    have you tried washing it again with one of those dye catcher thingies?

  3. Ohhhhhh! I am soooo sorry! What a nightmare. I bet he feels horrible. Just tell him he's going to have to make you one exactly like it to be forgiven!

  4. Have you tried Synthropol detergent on it? I would try that and a dye catcher......


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