Thursday, February 17, 2011

Amy Butler Meet & Greet

Sew, my quilting guild made our first donation quilt recently. We are donating it to the Special Olympics. We are selling raffle tickets for it and giving them the money.

It is made from Amy Butler's "Love" collection. My favorite quilt shop, Sew to Speak, was hosting Amy Butler on Tuesday evening for a little meet and greet.

Some of us went up to meet her. We took the quilt and signed it! Yes, Amy "The Real Thing" Butler signed our raffle quilt! She even asked if she could take a picture of it to put on her blog.

*EEEEKK!!* Amy Butler! -----> Insert squealing and fanning of face!

She was such a lovely lady! She spoke with each person for several minutes and was very genuine. She loved our quilt and thought it was lovely. It was a lovely way to spend my birthday!


  1. so exciting and what a fun evening!

  2. The quilt turned out to be beautiful!!!!! I hope the recipient realizes what a treasure it is with that signature.


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