Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

So, my hubby bought me an anniversary gift ... kinda. It is our 10th anniversary in a couple of weeks. I've wanted a Singer featherweight sewing machine for awhile now and I found one! Sew ... he said buy it! I love the hubby!

One of my former teachers, Mr. Meyers, restores them. He lives in Florida and was up this past week visiting friends. So he brought me his shiniest machine!

This is a 1957 model 221 Singer featherweight. Happy anniversary!

It comes in the original case.

It came with a box of attachments, extra feet, and a little pack of needles.

This is the original manual and sales receipt. It was sold on August 22, 1958 in Illinois. The lady who bought it paid $143.95 for it.

How much did I pay for it?

$400! Can I get a woot, woot?

I do my regular sewing on an old Husqvarna #1, my traveling sewing on a Husqvarna 940, and now my new toy ... a 1957 Singer featherweight!

What do you all sew on?


  1. It's my tenth year anniversary too this year! I had an APQS long arm for two months and LOVED it- but I was obessed and had to sell it. My Janome now feels like a real slow poke so I am saving for a Juki. We'll see what my ten year anniversary brings!!

  2. WooHoo - congrats! I have H-Vikings as well but I just got the FW (1935-36) that belonged to my DH's grandmother in working order. The case handle was broken so I got a soft side carrying case from, slung it over my shoulder, and off I went to my sew down at the LQS. It was so nice to carry.

  3. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

    I have a Kenmore and a Brother PC 420. They're great machines...and I get the job done. =)

    Thanks for sharing about your new toy with us!

  4. I have a Singer Genie from the 1970's that was my mom's graduation gift from her parents: :)

    Similar to this one:

    And we just celebrated our 10th on June 2nd :)

  5. Neat! I have never seen one of those machines in person, but I'd love to. I sew on a Janome 6600. I love it! My husband and I will celebrate our anniversary on June 19--7 years and 3 kids so far. Sounds like June is a popular wedding month!

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