Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quilting for My Husband

I love to quilt for my husband.

1. He is very grateful and uses things and keeps them forever!

2. He doesn't care if the fabric is a new release or an old line. Really he doesn't even care if they are fat quarters from Joann's.

3. He doesn't care if my points are all crisp and sharp. Thanks honey!

4. When you are quilting it, he doesn't care if you empty 7 bobbins of miscellaneous colors of thread. In fact he doesn't even look close enough at the quilting to notice what color it is! Or if you accidently cross on your stippling!

5. And lastly, with other things to do and sew, he doesn't care that they binding is only half sewn on. Sidenote: I sew my binding on by hand. I like the look of no stitches.

We have orange, white, and yellow thread!


  1. you're right - husbands are so forgiving - I miss mine.

  2. Very pretty. I do the same thing on all my personal quilts; use up whatever bobbins are available lol.

  3. I hadn't seen this one either. We need to get together. Yea I bet the corners weren't crisp and the binding wasn't perfect (my sarcasm). More sarcasm - no not material from JoAnn's. :)


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