Monday, January 2, 2012

Beary Good Friends

Sew I have this old teddy bear. His name is Mr. Patches. He sits in my sewing room and my daughter is always wanting to play with him. I keep telling her that we will make one.

About 25 years ago my mom helped me sew Mr. Patches. My older sister was making a 4-H project and I really wanted something to sew too. I remember my mom letting me sew the squares together and then she sewed the bear. I stuffed him and stitched closed his holes.

As you can see now he is a little thread bare and wearing thin. He's been loved a lot!

 I asked my mom if she still had the pattern for Mr. Patches. She said no. Sew I tried to draw his pieces. He is too fragile to seam rip apart and make a pattern that way.

I think this bear turned out ok, but her legs are a bit skinny. Mmmm ... and her tummy is a little lopsided. These can be fixed before the big sew day tomorrow.

Tomorrow my little girl and I will hopefully make one together 
just like my Mom and I did all those years ago.

And they will be beary good friends!

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  1. Awww, Jennifer, that final photo is so cute! I can almost hear those two little bears talking:-) Hope you have a lovely time creating precious memories for your daughter tomorrow, and I look forward to seeing her new bear.


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