Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jellybean Graphing, Anyone?

Sew ... I was perusing my favorite websites the other day and I came across Betz's blog. If you have never been to Betz White's blog, baby you need to go now. Click here for awesomeness!

She had a lovely tutorial on how to make these darling carrot bags to put your Easter goodies into. I thought to myself, my 3rd graders need these bags!

I started sewing ... and sewing ... and 135 carrots later I was done. But was I? No, my twins' preschoolers would love these veggies too. 18 more carrots. What about my family's Easter dinner? And my teaching colleagues? Well, let's just say I made about 200 in all!

I put them into my 5 different classes work baskets. The kids were excited to see what was in store for them in math class.

I filled the carrots with jellybeans and the kids made different graphs with the different color of beans. We had to do something educational, right?

 Have a good Easter everyone!

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