Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Quilt for Kenzie

My friend Tara is having a little girl. They decided to name her Kenzie. A sweet name for a sweet baby girl. She had a lovely shower last weekend. I made this quilt for her. It matched the nursery to a tee!

I had to laugh ... I took my little girl to the shower. Learning to write, she asked if she could put our names on the bag tag. I told her yes, being a proud mother. When we sat the bag down at the shower, I glanced at her handy work on the tag. It read "From Braeleigh & Mom". I chuckled and pointed it out to her. She replied that she didn't know how to spell my real name. I'm still laughing about that!


  1. Beautiful quilt-that does match the crib skirt perfectly. Funny story! I think my kids would do the same.

  2. Cute quilt and even cuter story. Priceless!


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