Monday, June 18, 2012

Fabric Flowers

I have been sewing for the Backwoods Fest. One of the things I've been making is flower pins of all colors. I put some of the flowers on hair clips as well.

These flowers can be pinned to the double-sided headbands that I made. I'll show you those later. They are turning out very cute!!

To make these twisted fabric flowers you start with a small circle of felt about 1" in diameter. Cut a 22" strip of fabric and tie a knot in one end. Using a hot glue gun, glue the knot in the middle of the felt circle. Then twist the strip of fabric and wrap it around the knot gluing occasionally. Fold the last little bit of fabric over to the back and glue it down. Then add a pin back or hair clip, whichever you would like.

I have also tried some different techniques. These pins started out with that same 1" circle of felt. Then pick out some fabric for the main petals. Cut those out in a 4" diameter circle. Then fold the circle in half, and then 1/3 to the front, and 1/3 to the back. Put a dab of glue between the folds to hold it in place. I used 6 or 7 petals on each pin. Glue those triangle-shaped petals to the felt circle. Then add a fabric flower or yo-yo to the top and a pin to the back.

Some flowers I simply added a few loops of ribbon or yo-yo's to the back.

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