Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rice Warmers

 I started this quilt a long time ago. It was early in my machine piecing career and I was not as skilled with a rotary cutter as I am now. Let me set the scene ...

I had been hand quilting for like 15 years, I was newly married, and living in a tiny apartment while our house was being built. I was at the kitchen table cutting out colored strips for a log cabin quilt. I cut the side of my finger with the rotary cutter. @#g%6*!!!! As I am bleeding and crying I decide that maybe rotary cutting is not for me. I put the blocks away.

A few years later I get it back out, shutter at the memory and the scar on my left index finger and begin again where I'd left off. My machine is acting up, cutting threads, making birds nest underneath, blah, blah, blah. I put it away again.

A few weeks ago, I get it back out. I think back to all the times I've tried to work on it. I also decide that I hate the fabric. I just can't bear to throw away the 100 blocks I have pieced. 

Wallah! I made them into rice warmers. They measure 8" square.

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