Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reid's Quilt Block Tutorial

As you may or may not know, we have twins. My husband and I worked very hard for a long time to get them. We went the infertility route and were blessed with a boy and a girl. They were 6 weeks early when they were born. I'm getting back to the reason for this posting . . .

Sew, friends of ours had a baby boy who was born 2 months early. Their son was born at 17 inches long and 3 lbs. 14 oz. That is the exact size our son was when he was born! They named him Reid. Very cute! I thought that he would need a quilt.

Sew here's my stab at a tutorial.
~This is for one block. I made 12 for my quilt.~

rotary cutter, mat, & ruler
sewing machine with a 1/4" foot & thread
fabric - a background and two main colors

Cutting Directions:
From brown fabric
16 - 2 1/2" squares
2 - 2 7/8" squares
From green fabric
1 - 4 1/2" square
2 - 2 7/8" squares
4 - 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles

From multi-colored fabric
4 - 4 1/2" squares

Piecing directions:
1. Draw a diagonal line on all brown squares.

2. With right sides together, place a brown 2 1/2" square in the upper right corner of a multi-colored 4 1/2" square. Sew on the diagonal line. Trim excess, fold back, and press.

3. Repeat this process in the upper left corner. Do this for all four multi-colored squares.

4. With right sides together,
place a brown 2 1/2" square on the left side of a green 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangle. Sew on the diagonal line. Trim excess, fold back, and press. Do this for all four of the rectangles.

5. With right sides together, place the 2 7/8" brown square on the 2 7/8" green square. Sew 1/4" on each side of the diagonal line. Cut apart on the diagonal line, fold back, and press. This will yield 4 - half square triangle sets.

6. Sew the remaining 4 - 2 1/2" brown squares to these half square triangles.

7. Then sew the yielded pieces from steps 4 & 5 together, fold back, and press.

8. Now you will have 9 - 4 1/2" square units. Sew them together like this.

2 rows like this one (above)

1 row like this (above)

9. Now attach the three rows. You have a 12" block. I made 12 blocks with 3 different colors. Arrange them however you like and quilt as desired.


  1. Very pretty block. Great tutorial. I also had twins myself. We're expecting our 2nd grandchild this September and already know it's a boy. I've been searching quilt blocks to decide what quilt to make for him and really love yours. If I do use this one, I'll be sure to send a picture so you can see. I haven't decided yet what I'm doing exactly other than knowing all the embroiderd goodies I need to make again for them since the first Grandchild born to the same couple was a girl. I guess I need to make new stuff since I know my son is not going to want to use the pink girlie bibs and receiveing blankets I made before for his son. LOL

    Thank you again for this tutorial.
    vburr at charter dot net


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