Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Volunteer Quilts

I make volunteer quilts for the parent helpers that I have in my classroom each year. I appreciate their help throughout the year and a giftcard says "I appreciate you $25 worth." But a quilt, well to paraphrase Cousin Eddy, "It's the gift that keeps on givin'!"

Sew, four of my volunteer quilts this year were disappearing 9-patch's. They give a very pleasing effect from a relatively simple cut of a 9-patch. I'll show you how to make one sometime. Thanks for your help Barb, Gabby, Keith & Tolli, and Amy!

One was a whirligig made from my favorite pieces of fabric! This mommy has four boys and she could use some quilty TLC! Thanks for your help Kennie Jo!

The last one was a folded star. I used my coveted Heather Bailey Pop Garden stash. I fussy cut the flowers. My head room mother loves yellow. Thanks for everything Katie!

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