Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It does my heart good ...

It does my heart good to have such good "quilty" friends.

Tonight was out first guild meeting of the new year. 23 wonderful women came out in the drizzling rain and cold to socialize and help with an important donation quilt.

We made the blocks for our first donation / charity quilt of the year! We are donating this quilt to the Area 6 Special Olympics. Raffle tickets will be sold and the winner will be drawn the day of the event on May 14th. I brought the blocks in the hope that a few ladies would help me by making one block. To my extreme pleasure, all the blocks were made and some even took them home to make them up for the next meeting!

My friend Claudyne offered to piece the top together and I am going to quilt it!

The blocks are maverick stars made from Amy Butler's "Love" line. Each star is special and unique just as each Special Olympian is special and unique. I chose the fabric because we should love all people for the special qualities that they bring to this world.

But wait ... it gets better. One of the ladies, Jackie, said that she is going to a quilt shop on Thursday where Amy Butler, the Amy Butler, will be. She took one of the blocks with her this evening in the hopes that Amy will sign the block. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Here's a sneak peek ...


  1. What a cute block. It is such a nice thing you all are making that quilt for too.

  2. that is awesome!

    love the block; such a great thing you are doing

  3. I love the "scrappiness" and the colors! Can't wait to see the final quilt.
    It would be hard to give away an Amy Butler signature! I would be tempted to keep it!


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