Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I am super excited! It seems someone thinks I'm "stylish"! Oo-la-la! Well, Staci at The Confused Quilter does anyway! Thanks for the shout out girl! You rock!

So with this award come some guidelines ... you need to tell 8 things about yourself and share 8 websites that you love with everyone. Here goes!

8 Things About Jennifer, aka "Midnight Mama" ...
1. I am the only woman alive in the western hemisphere that does not like chocolate! It makes me sick!
2. I have a freckle in the palm of my left hand.
3. I love the show Burn Notice! I watch it late at night while I am quilting.
4. I enjoy giving to people, especially my quilts. God gave me a gift and I should share it with people who can benefit from a quilt. "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35
5. I love fabric! Moda, Kaffe Fassett, Kate Spain, Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt, Anna Maria Horner, Heather Bailey, - oh, I could go on and on.
6. I am an obsessive list maker. Check!
7. I love black jelly beans. I always score at Easter b/c non of the kids like them! They come in the ziploc bags by the dozens!
8. I am afraid of birds. I mean it ... they dive bomb me when I walk ... they try to peck at me ... and if they can hiss, you know they hiss at me!

8 Fabulous Websites ...
P.S. I Quilt
Cluck Cluck Sew
The Moda Bakeshop
Pitter Putter Stitch
Crazy Mom Quilts
Jaybird Quilts
Quilt Dad
Retro Mama
(Ok, another thing to know about me ... I am a 3rd grade math teacher and cannot count! That's 9 websites! Muhahaha!)

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  1. I couldn't agree more with your #4. And how do people function without lists????


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