Monday, February 14, 2011

A Dresden to call my own ...

It's no secret that I love to quilt. But sometimes sewing time cuts into time with Ben. He likes to watch all these crazy t.v. shows at night. And he wants me to watch with him. Now I love the crazy shows too!

I needed a hand project to do while watching t.v. with Ben. So I thought I'd make a Dresden for myself and sew the flowers on my hand. Actually I conned my sister into pressing for me and gave her half the plates as payment. :) She's doing hers in pinks, I think?

I am keeping this Dresden plate quilt ... for myself ... nope not sharing ... mine all mine ...

You get the drift?

The blacks and whites are right up my ally. I love green ... it's my favorite color. So I've been sitting on this fabric for awhile. Just waiting for an opportunity to make something with it. I have 9 blocks. They will have a lime green floral center, solid lime sashing between the rows, and then some funky borders. I will post a pick when I get more done.

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