Monday, February 14, 2011

Ice Cream Lasagna

Me: "Do you want some ice cream lasagna for dessert tonight?"

Family: (with mouths hanging open, channeling the souls of Pavlov's deceased dogs, jumping up and down, squealing with happiness) ... "Yes."

Geesh, I though my being on a diet was hard on just me. I guess they feel my pain too.

Recipe for all you dieters out there ...
12 skinny cow ice cream sandwiches
2 tubs fat free cool whip
1 jar of Smucker's sugar free hot fudge topping
1 jar of Smucker's sugar free caramel topping

1. Place the ice cream sandwiches in the bottom of a deep, glass baking dish. You might need to slice and dice so that they fit with no spaces in between.
2. Spoon some cool whip over the top.
3. Drizzle the fudge and caramel over the cool whip. Then repeat.


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