Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Buckeye Baby Quilt

A friend that I graduated with asked me to make her a custom baby quilt. She is expecting a little "Buckeye Boy". She has not seen this quilt yet and wants to be totally surprised when she sees it. 

I hope she's not disappointed!


  1. Love the baby quilt -- perfect for the Buckeye fan! Some years ago a friend had me make an Ohio State quilt for her husband. But since she is an Ohio University grad, and they had a friendly little school rivalry, she wanted to put some Ohio University "jab" on the quilt. I suggested embroidering "Ohio University" in green (school colors are green and white) on the buckeye leaves. She loved the idea and it turned out well. She was so excited to give it to him, and to see his reaction about the quilt itself and the little jab. Well, he loved the quilt, but of course (being a man) he didn't notice the green lettering until she pointed it out to him! I think it kind of disappointed her. Still a treasured quilt though.

  2. I am so happy you are putting on the new projects. I love this quilt. Couldn't have been designed better.

  3. Janice - You know we went on a wonderful vacation in July and that set me back ... having foot surgery and not being able to bear weight on my foot set me back ... then school started and that set me back ... and making secret Christmas presents that can't be posted cause me to not blog ... and quilting tops for customers ...

    Have I given enough reasons for my serious lack of blogging? I am a habitual slacker! I will try to do better.

    Thanks for the quilt love!!


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