Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've been asked for many things, but ...

Sew ... I have been asked about many things sewing. Some of them include ...

Do you know how to sew on a button?

What kind of string do I need to buy to use in my sewing machine?

Can I sew a half inch seam with my quarter inch foot?

Can you help me fix this old quilt of my Grandma's?

Can I come to your house with all these triangles and will you teach me to sew them together?

Can you sew plastic with a sewing machine?

Me: "I have a longarm at home to quilt my quilts." 
Some one who will remain nameless: "Jennifer, I didn't know one of your arms was longer than the other!"

Do you have any blue fabric with white polka dots?

But I have never been asked for burlap to sew a sleeve for a "stop sucking your thumb by putting a metal dome over it and pinning it to your shirt" device. Two of my teaching colleagues are making this device for a class they are taking. It's called a "thumb mitt".

I had to laugh. It looks like Captain Hook's hand ... minus the hook!


  1. LOL! All the questions leading up to Captain Hook were great, too.

  2. Hey I think a majority of those questions are mine and maybe one Jake. :(


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