Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Nebraska Sewing

My friend Janice has inspired me to start blogging again! She recently moved back to Ohio from Nebraska. She has a fantastic new blog! Check it out here!

This summer my family and I headed West to visit Janice and her family. We went to a rodeo, a real honest to goodness, full American pride rodeo! We went "road farming". For those city slickers who frequent this site, "road farming" is where you drive around in your car pointing out different fields and other farming interests. We went to the Kool-Aid Museum, the Pony Express Museum, a Train Switch in North Platte, and few other landmarks.

Now for the sewing part of the trip. Janice wanted to learn how to quilt. And I think it's safe to say that she has been bitten by the bug! We mapped out one day, left the kids with our hubby's, and set out on a 6 quilt hop hop in Nebraska. It was so much fun and the countryside was beautiful!

Inspired by our shop hop, we came home and a all day sewing marathon began! We sewed 3 or 4 quilts in a day. In one day peeps! Janice sent me some photos and I thought I'd share.

Janice and her husband own a feedlot and have some beef cattle. 
She appliqued these steers herself. A very good job!

This one was a gift to little girl on her birthday.

This one was made for her Grandma Poorman.


  1. A lot of quilts! And from someone who is learning how to quilt..Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow - very pretty "first quilts." The hexagon is very impressive and love the steers!

    Btw - in reminiscing DH mentioned road farming. I doubt if anyone within a 50 mile radius of where we live would have any idea what we were talking about. Although, our teenage road farmin' days were a little bit different than what you did this summer - lol!

  3. Tear! Tear! Not sure how to thank a friend like you. Someday God will whisper in my ear how I can repay you. Thanks for everything. Including but not limited to the farmers wives club meetings, teaching me to make quilt tops (I think :)), sharing your family and for being a great friend.


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