Sunday, May 20, 2012

Graduation Day

I often hear people say things like "Oh, I remember when you were a little girl ..." I then think that the person must feel so old. As a teacher, I often think about my first class. When I first began I taught kindergarten. That class will finish their 7th grade year in a few days. 

I tell you this because during one of my first year of teaching, I tutored a 4th grader named Jenna. She was a sweet girl. My husband even remembers being invited to her birthday party all those years ago. I was asked to make her a memory quilt not too long ago. 

I'll say it ... I feel old!

Jenna's mom gave me some old t-shirts. I sashed them in white to set off all the different colors.

Our school colors are black, orange, and white. The back is a mix of those colors.

My friend Jen made me a custom design especially for Jenna. I used to make it into some awesome fabric. It added that personal touch to the quilt.

Jen even made me a new quilt label. Which I love!!

Happy graduation Jenna!

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